Help with making my chat tags

[LUA]function ChatTags ()

local ply = LocalPlayer()
local SUPERADMIN = “”
local msg = “”

if ply:IsUserGroup(“superadmin”) and ply:SteamID = “STEAM_0:0:41782485” then

chat.AddText ( “(SUPERADMIN)” … ply:Nick() … msg )

return true



hook.Add(“OnPlayerChat”, “Tags”, ChatTags) [/LUA]

The thing is it works, it does the SUPERADMIN title but it says my name afterwards but no text like the text I write in chat doesn’t come after, and why is it doing it for everybody T_T, I know you guys are gonna tell me go to learn LUA, but please help me out, I tried my best I’m getting a massive headache, so please help me out.

Thank you.

You are not using the OnPlayerChat function’s arguments. Ply will not be LocalPlayer() on a server.

I don’t know why you would expect the message to be added to the chat when you set message to a blank string.

May you give me an example? I can’t figure this out.