Help With Map Switcher

Can someone please help me with a 10 second map switcher script? An autorun script that after about 3 hours it does “changelevel zombiesurvival_b5”

Thanks in advance!


No one? I really need to learn some damned lua.

TBH, I think this already exists, and by that I mean I thnk theres a console code for it… Something in the lines of level_rotation or something like that… It may be from CSS though… Google it!


Found it!! However, it was not a console command, but… well, heres the addon

[lua]timer.Simple( 60 * 60 * 3, function() game.ConsoleCommand( “changelevel zombiesurvival_b5” ) end)[/lua]

Run that serverside. Or put it in a concommand serverside.