Help with Maps on fastdl

So they download all the graphs and whatnot, but then it says “missing map -----” And kicks them, but it has just downloaded it?

Any help would be great,

You have to tell the server where it is suppose to download from in the server.cfg
And if that doesn’t fix it then you probably have entered the wrong address?

I have the correct address. I am 100% sure. And it does download. It just says “Missing map” Which indicates the file isnt actually downloading to the client.

Hey man provide me with the link you’re using.

Go inside you server.cfg and look for something that says max download, change that value to 64… if that doesn’t work, just make a bigger number

Hope I helped

That means the map is bigger than 32mb. So you change biggest max size to download.

It says “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” when I go to that site. Maybe that’s the cause?

Probably, i will contact my hosts.

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Ok, i will try this too.

Turns out. My bandwidth is exceeded. Is there any other FREE websites/uploading things i can upload all my files to for fastdl?

Dropbox? Your server provider might even be able to provide it for free.

What server provider are you using? If you using NFO servers there really easy to set up the fast dl. BUT I read online that if the map is now updated or an older map it doesnt work for the fastdl.

I am using Nitrous Networks.

Could someone help me set up dropbox?