Help With Melee Swep Contruction

Well hello facepunch community! i wanted to ask the community for some help about a topic i was working on for a while i wanted a melee that was using the models of the stunstick while using Swep Construction Kit to make the stunstick to have the long red propane covering the whole thing i got this far with scripting ( i cant script for shit :dead: ) <— thats the swep script i think is completely wrong <— this is the shared file which again might be completely wrong (i copied from tons of tut’s and videos)

If anyone can help me please do so because i would like to get into making sweps and maybe go into more advance stuff when i get better but as of right now it seems like this is a really noobish question to ask.

If i need to describe the swep its a red propane container and with mouse 1 it would hit like the crowbar but i want it to blow up after 3 hits on a wall,player,npc,prop etc ( Except air/basically looking up in the sky and swinging) and with mouse 2 it would explode like a jihad bomb excluding the sound.

Thanks for ANY help i get for anyone who helps and puts in alot of effort to helping me ill personally put your name as one of the makers or just a thanks to -blank- somewhere on the info or q menu picture if you want me to.

Again thanks! have a lovely day :smile: :buckteeth: