Help with menu

I am trying to use:
Im wanting **sheet 3** moved to the bottom away from **Sheet 1** and **Sheet 2**
Tried Using
Panel3:SetPos ( 5,400 )
Panel3:SetHeight ( 400 )
But these didnt work

Is it possible to create a button which will open up a Sheet?

I’m stuck on this as well please help!

create a dbutton , parrent it to what ever is opened , and hook the sheet you want to open to a concommand , and link the button to run the command when you press it , if you cant code that i am not sure how i will be able to help you

Doesnt the hook require a function?

-_- , hook as in link , in lua do concommand.Add(“Open_Mah_Menu”, function() //create your menu there end)

Then set the Dbutton to run that command when you press it

im wanting to change sheet not open up another menu

well while your opening the other one , close the 1st one and put the pos to the same as the 1st one , or you could do advanced , i wouldnt surgest it for now