help with metrocops

hey again guys umm… theres a dwnload pack on that i have been trouble installing it called maskless matrocops it get metrocop bodies and citizen heads but i dont know were to install them ive tried addons and garrysmod but still no good can some one help?

Which one is it?I cant help if you dont link the file

its the first one man

Firstly, try using proper grammar on Facepunch then people will be more likely to help you.

Is it this?

Rename the ‘Models’ folder to ‘models’ with a lower case ‘m’, just to be sure.

I didn’t try it in-game but by the looks of it, you should put the ‘materials’ and ‘models’ folders you get in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

The files should just copy themselves into the existing respective folders.

Delete the readme, it’s not needed.

Have you tried going into the download file were it says materials and models and copy and pasting them to the main gmod directory?It should ask if you want yo merge them with the current files.If so and you still cant find them try looking threw the folders menu ingame for them.

Ninjad :ninja: