Help with money on gmod server?

Hi, i have been creating a gmod deathrun server and i have a pointshop but theres no way for any one to earn points. Do i need another plugin or is there a way to fix it?

For players to earn points you need a sql database.

That’s completely false. Does DarkRP need an SQL database? No.

@OP, what’s the pointshop called?

Ya, it does, It uses SQLlite (I think that’s what It’s called), which stores data in a local SQL database called “sv.db”

make it so when a runner kills death they earn a point and make it so when the runners die the death team gets points

You need another addon considering i doubt you know lua. Look at pointshop or golden forge

I have a pointshop, I know LUA, i had a look through the pointshop LUA and i set points when death wins, and runner wins, when death kills someone with the scythe and when a player kills death. so what do i do now?

What else do you want if you did it all?

I set the win money but you dont earn it

I’m having this issue too. It’s set to get points when you kill someone, but it’s not working? Could someone upload the file that i possibly need?

I believe PointShop is broken.

False…I just downloaded the svn and it loaded and worked just fine. What hes asking is

How do you make it give money when a team wins. Which is pretty simple

You can do something like [lua]for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
if v:Team() == TEAM_RUN and v:Alive() then
On like round end, I did it in