Help With Msql

So i make this new server and im getting errors in console and everything is installed correct just… im pretty sure its mysql as the dev of the gamemode says

The MySQL has been disabled (mostly commented out) you will have to re add it yourself.

Re add though?

I already installed mysql but readd?
idk i just need some help on this part please not really good with mysql

Uncomment the MySQL, but first, figure out why it was disabled in the first place. Which gamemode is it?

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He disabled it because i got the free version. Cuz im very poor and cant pay 60 bucks

Sounds like you know how to fix your problem then. However, it’s free to learn to code, it’s actually a useful skill to have, cause then you don’t have to pay 60 bucks.

So i have to pay 60 bucks to fix this, is there any way i can enable it or fix it he says 'you will have to re add it yourself." so there is a way

We can’t really tell you what’s wrong without the code. If it’s just commented out, though, uncomment it. Install the MySQLOO module, and make sure your database details are set correctly.

Just to check, you do have a database right?

Well i have MSQL Installed thats it.

So you are running a MySQL server? What version? Operating system? Do you have the MySQLOO modules installed correctly?