Help with Multi-Color Money printer

Hi I’m new to lua could someone help me add this color code to Koolaidmini’s Custom Printers, so the printer color changes from one to another.

timer.Create(“PrinterChangeColour”, 0.1, 0, function()
self:SetColor(Color(math.random(0,255), math.random(0,255), math.random(0,255), 255))

to this

anyone? it would help alot

Is this a paid addon? The PrintMore function is already called every 0.1 seconds… Just put

ent:SetColor( Color( math.random( 0, 255 ), math.random( 0, 255 ), math.random( 0, 255 ), 255 ) );

if not IsValid( ent ) then return end;
if ent.damage <= 0 then return end;

but before

    timer.Simple( ent.printTime / 2, function()

Additionally, you may want to look at HSVToColor -

You could use a math.abs( math.sin( CurTime( ) * speed ) ) in the 3rd argument to change the color ( it cycles through all colors )

so something like this? Color(255,255,255,math.abs(math.sin(CurTime()*4)*255))

If you remove the space between 2 and 55, then that will change the ALPHA… If you use HSVToColor, it is a different function which returns a Color object.


local _speed = 4;
local _color = HSVToColor( 1, 1, math.abs( math.sin( CurTime( ) * _speed ) ) );
ent:SetColor( _color );

That should cycle through all colors.

Thanks for the help but i have only 1 more problem with this speed i change, i put it to 0.5 or higher and it stays the same