Help with MW2 normals

Hi! Recently I found out that it is possible to convert MW2 normal maps into CSS compatible ones, but I dont know the procedure. MW2 normals are grey and then you do someting to them to make them look right. Please, if anyone knows the secret help me. I have everything ready (model, textures, sounds, animations), just the normal is missing. Thanks for replies.

Ask Murphy7:
He said he knows how to do the stuff down there, might help.
And what are you working on right now? Haven’t released anything for like 2 weeks. :frowning:

Oh God. Seriously I dont want to be a troll, but cant you guys finally rip the v_models? Even when there are parts missing they can be easily remodelled & reuved on the skin. Even I did it. The w_models are low quality, same for the textures. I found actually a way to convert the MW2 shader textures to source. I can easily convert the normal maps without apply a nvidia normal map filter or such things. After a half hour I got the perfect .VMT for the shaders. MW2 got crispy spec and reflection maps combining them with a small trick will give you a new, crispy phong mask for your normal. Like that:

Put more work in such stuff, if you want it to be look good.

Open the MW2 normal map in photoshop, go into channels, copy the alpha and paste it in the red, then go to the blue channel and make the brightness up to 100.
It’s not gonna be perfect that way, but it’ll still be a normal map you can use.

  1. I didnt know that is possible back then.
  2. Thanks for reply.
  3. I didnt release anything because I have important exams at school now.
    BTW, which thing in the third texture is specular? The RGB channel or alpha channel? Some models come out too phongy…


Thanks, gonna try it.
Edit: Works well, much better than blue channel to white only.

No idea, I don’t know how to texture and stuff, that’s why I said to ask Murphy, lol.

Murphy isnt responding.

Anyone knows how to create proper specs?

Actually the MW2 models have all proper specular maps. However they are mostly hidden within other textures, this system is more efficient then source’s thus incompatible. Of course it depends if you have all textures if not you need to do your own ones.
It’s simple, you can start of just desaturating your diffuse and make things brighter to have more phong and dark to have less.

I think there is a trick like with normal maps. And yes, I can get all three textures: diffuse, normal and specular. But all three have alpha channels. I know what is it for in the first two textures, but I dont know what is it for in the third.

The first time I came across one of their gray normal maps, all I did was create a new layer in PS on top of it, color it a solid color, then apply the normal map filter on it to make it a perfectly flat normal map, then I set that layer to overlay to “colorize” the gray normal map, and flattened the image. Then I ran it through the normal map filter again and ticked “normalize only” to fix up any of the channels that weren’t correct. After that I saved it and it worked fine, but it was COMPLETELY the wrong way to convert it. It looked alright in-game at least.

well, i make normals by combining both gray normal maps. basically, i make the blue channel all white, make the gray map that has lighting from up to down the red channel and the map with the lighting from left to right the green channel. that should make a nice normal map.

Yep, thanks, but do you know how to make proper spec maps?

This is the easiest way to do it. If you want one like professionels do it you need to first look what material you want phong on and fill this part with brighter or darker gray. Black or white also do. After this add “detail” such as the cavity of your normals. This method is a pain in the ass but gives way better spec maps then the simple method.

No no, look, the spec maps are already made, but you have to convert them somehow to be compatible with source engine, like you have to do with normal maps.

The spec map is then hidden in the RGBA channels in one texture, extract it and add it to the alpha channel of the normal texture.

  1. Diffuse texture (main texture)
  2. Normal map
  3. Third texture (spec??)
  4. Alpha of diffuse texture (filter for camos)
  5. Alpha channel of normal map (part of normal map)
  6. Alpha of third texture (part of spec??)

i’d make 3 the phong mask (normal map alpha) and 6 the phong exponent map and possibly the env map mask :stuck_out_tongue: usefull is you!

Many thanks for your appreciated help! :smiley:

Are you sure 3 isn’t the diffuse? I ask because I see it has color and doesn’t have white parts like number 1 (I don’t recall the shotgun having white parts like that by default.)

In MW2 engine the phong masks can be colored. But yes, it really looks like diffuse.

Ok, since this thread already contains two parts of texture porting from MW2, I want to have everything in one place.

I wanted to ask if anybody knows how to properly port texture overlays. Example:

Thanks for any help.