Help with my DarkRP server!

I have this problem where random people go up to other peoples bases and make them nocollide as you see in the video. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

This is what happens:

They look ghosted to me?

edit: I get it. My bad.

Thats his problem, when people try and physgun any props they ghost and people can walk though them.

OP have you got any anti-propminge / proppushing addons?

Yea it ghosts them and people can walk through it.

Maybe its some sort of prop protection. Or it may be FPP?

Yea ive got a anti prop push addon. When i uninstalled it the bug stoped. But i need one to stop prop pushing and killing.

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Do you know of any good anti prop kill/push addons?

It’s not a bug, the whole point of an anti prop push addon is to, you know, stop prop pushing. I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere in your addon to prevent the ghost effect.

Did you have this one ?

I tried many prop protections and all of them still allowed players to do whats in the video. And yes, i tried apanti

You could try to make your own here is 1 idea, when you hold a entity with physgun and the entity touch a player than the entity will freeze or near the player for being more safe it shouldn’t be very hard i guess