Help with my first HUD

Hello, today I’ve been watching a lot of videos around the making of HUDs. I got the basics of making one and so I’m going of to make my own for one of my server.

I’m trying to re-create the SCP HUD (At least the stamina and blinking) but it has something that I don’t understand.

Picture of the GUI:

Now I know how to make it count down since I already have a blink script with the function as well as a stamina script again with functions.
But I’m clueless on how to make it count down in those individual blocks, not just a bar slowly moving down.

If you have an answer to this please feel free to write it down.

Also I am tired so if the way I wrote this is confusing, feel free to ask questions.

I think you just need to use a simple for loop to draw a bunch of textured rects- then just use some basic math to figure out how many to draw out of the total

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Not quite sure how the blocks move down though- if it’s animated rather than the block simply dissapearing you could use a scissor rect

If by animated you mean each one disappearing until it hits none and goes back up then yes.

No need to use scissor rect then, just use a for loop