Help with my first map, Hallway woes.

Hello Everyone, long time lurker, first time writer. With the release of Alien Swarm and some recent RP events in an a game of mine, I’ve been interested in designing a simple map for it. Well…I had done the layout perfectly compared to the base, everything seemed fine. …Or did it?

I’ve had a -HUGE- problem in getting the individual brushes too connect. Its been very frustrated, and I can’t seem to find a solution for my problem.

Here is a screenshot of the layout of the map.

Do you guys need a copy of the VMF to help diagnose my problem? If so, I can upload it. …Its a very basic and boxy design, though.


I’ve been using the Alien swarm tilegen and Got the general layout problem fixed. The thing is, I’m having a weird problem with lighting.

In the hammer preview field it works fine and looks how I want it.

But ingame, it only seems to effect the player. I haven’t tested other entities.

Your brushes are all offgrid. I’m not familiar with the ASW as of yet. But if your brushes are all offgrid then it won’t fit properly.

(The one brush is 1307.7 units. Round it to 1308. But if I’m not mistaken you need to keep to uniform sizes. Preferably 256x256. [Or a similar power of 2])

Well right now its working in Garry’s Mod. I was going to import it to ASW as a test eventually If I could get it all to connect properly.

Don’t hollow brushes.

It’s not going to work in any game if you have leaks.

Pretty much you have 2 options.
a. Continue compiling. And every time loading a Pointfile from the map menu. And sealing off the brushes room.
b. Restart the map and make sure you only map on grid. (Carving, and using your mouse to rotate / stretch brushes are the usual culprits.)

Oh. Is mapping off the grid why the carve seems to act wonky? I’m terribly sorry, I’m source mapping retarded here.

EDIT:Whats wrong with hollowing the brushes?

Mapping off grid is why the source engine seems wonky on some maps.

Carve is a completely useless tool altogether. Just don’t use carve.

The problem I had with the clipping tool is that it seemed hard to cut precise pieces off…((Such as a square in the wall, etc.) using the two points…I may just be retarded, which might also be a big factor here.

Any clipping tutorial videos I’ve found don’t seem to help much, either. =/

Also, there is a megathread for these questions so we don’t get loaded up with help me threads.


This might help.

Thanks guys, but neither of those really helped me when I was attempting any of this before. :confused:

There’s a mega-thread? Shit. …Sorry ^^

If those don’t really help. Then I don’t know what to tell you.

Did you even watch my tutorial? You posted in like a minute after I did.

Yeah, its one of the few I tried before I posted. =/

:ohdear: You didn’t do it right then.

Whats the problem, you don’t know how to use it?

…I think I got it…I was using it on hollow blocks…It seems to work sort of properly like in the video when it isn’t hollow.


…No avail. Shit’s frustrating, yo.

It can’t be that hard to use clipping tool and stuff. :geno:

Don’t use the clipping tool on hollow brushes :doh:

Source fucking hates hollowing brushes, and clipping should only be used on architecture.

If you’re scaling brushes, don’t scale two at the same time if the axis you’re scaling them on are not uniform. It leads to off-grid sizes.