HELP With My Gamemode ... mySQL!

I need help, I am making in development a Gamemode Based on Fallout But Isnt the same (Due to copyright)

I need to link a mySQL Database up too My gamemode to save time signatures and stuffs!

I Have this code! (which a friend gave too me)

if isDedicatedServer() then
tmysql.initialize("...**", “game_server”, “server”, “game_server”, 3306, 2, 2)
tmysql.initialize(“”, “game”, “game”, “pd”, 3306, 2, 2)

I Replaced my IP with *'s So people dont get into my Pc …

If anyone could help me finish my Gamemode and add this database up … I will love them!
Ive got all the code set up to sync to the mySQL database but I’ve NEVER learned how to link it too my gmod server!

If anyone can help please doo

Either reply too this thread or email me at


Just use SetPData, if you can

This is much easier and saves everything to garrysmod/garrysmod/sv.db, which I think is the server’s SQLLite database

MySQL is much better, if you use MySQL you can also download the stuff later… i mean if you reinstall the server you still got all the player data … or whatever you want to use it for

You can always save sv.db…lol, I don’t have the slightest clue what MySQL is, which is probably because I don’t need it, so far I’ve done just fine with SQLLite. Unless you absolutely need MySQL, like if it has some functions SQLLite doesn’t that you absolutely need, then you should use SQLLite

Im saying what sint is saying… you rate me dumb and agree with him???

If you reinstall the server you can just backup the sv.db and keep all of the player data if you use ply:SetPData ?

If you desire to use the data across multiple servers, mysql comes in handy for that (and is arguably more efficient). And a bad habit that should really stop is coming into a thread, suggesting an alternative when there’s no need to at the time.

You need Azui’s tmysql module which can be found here - but you’ll need a SVN client to check out.