Help with my GMOD RP server!

I know this is probably up on some other thread / post, But I’m tired of looking around, I’ve been looking all week, But anyways heres my problem, I’ve recently just put up a GMOD rp server, I’ve managed to figure out Admin Stuff and ULX but sofar the biggest problem i’m having right now, Is making a custom job for the server, I’ve got the main DarkRP jobs, but I have about 5-10 others to add, If anyone can help! please do, would be greatly appreciated!

I can help ive added a few coustom jobs on my server.

That would be great!

Yea i bought a server yesterday and i tried adding like 2-3 jobs its works great but when others connect to my server they dont download the content for the models i used so thre just errors? how do i fix that?

You need to place your server content to serverside. I forgot how.

well i got it working now… but now im getting a infinte ammo glitch??? how do i fix that lol :stuck_out_tongue:

i need help making jobs too for my friends rp