Help with my JailBreak


I need help with my JailBreak Server. I can’t find the right command to type into the rcon client.

If you know it please leave a message.


What command? There is no command.

You’d need the rcon password but you do:

rcon_password <password>
rcon_ipaddress <ip of the server>

To run rcon command you do:
rcon <command>

I hope that helps but your unclear as to what your trying to do…

I’m waiting for MisterTickles to pop up and say, “HAI GAIZ MY JALEBRAKE IZ BETTAR AND MOER PPL PLAI IT. JOIN JOIN JOIN PLZ”.

In any case, OP, you should probably get a Lua coder to make a good JailBreak gamemode as all of the ones currently released suck so much.

Oh god I lol’d

okay thanks for you help + advice :slight_smile:


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(didn’t realise you were still butthurt for getting banned after you tried cheating deaded38, my condolences for your pain)

Funny, because you’re ungrateful for the support I brought to the server. I told Drew about the exploit, donated, and clearly cared about the server and what do I get?

Some server owner who thinks he’s hot shit because he has a playerbase of over fifteen people. Seriously, stop being so arrogant.

Edit: On top of this, you say I have a “personal vendetta” or whatever. Obviously I do when I help out the server so much and get bullshitted and told “you never helped the server and are clearly just a cheater”. Maybe if you grew some balls to admit you were wrong about me and unbanned me from your server to see that, think this “personal vendetta” might just go away.

So if you donated, cared, and reported exploits would grant you the possibility to cheat? I Lol’d.

That’s not quite how that story goes. Iirc you exploited the bug and THEN reported it.

No. I knew about the bug from a different server and used it there. I reported it to Drew and was half-asleep THEN used it. I already apologized to everybody and was actually unbanned for awhile by Monkeys. He then decided to ban me again for supporting Lester’s unban appeal. Or that’s what I can only assume because he made a post on LifePunch directly after my post and said “you will both be banned”.

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Edit: Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what Monkeys told you, isn’t it?

The order doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t of exploited it and being half asleep isn’t an excuse. Never have I been able to stop myself from getting in trouble with parents/teachers/police with the excuse “HURR I WAS HELF USLEEP”. The bottom line would be that you used it knowing it’s potential. I don’t like monkeys on a personal level, but in this case I’d support him.

Actually, it is. Especially when I apologize and admit I fucked up and donate to the server. I could see a week ban, but not a permanent one.

Do you believe prison is for rehabilitation or for punishment? It’s the same thing, really.

Lolno, you told Drew about the exploit, Drew told you not to use it because it would get you banned, you got on the server and used it anyways, got banned then bitched about getting unbanned because “I was so tired I wasn’t thinking right!”

Quit making up bullshit in a poor attempt at making others look bad. You tried cheating, you got banned. Hell, the shit you even named the shit you were using “aimbot”. :v:

If you’re seriously comparing getting banned for cheating on a Garry’s Mod server and prison rehabilitation and punishment, then you’re pretty stupid.

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Also you donated like 5 bucks, quit acting like you’ve funded the LifePunch servers for a year to come.

So what you’re telling me is you have never in any time of your life made a stupid decision when you were half-asleep? If you say no, then you’re a liar. Everybody makes fuck-ups. Even you. And when did I “make up bullshit to make others look bad”? I never once made anything up. I’ve been completely honest throughout this whole ordeal. If it makes you look bad, that’s your problem. The reason I compare the two is because they are actually quite similar. Obviously those two examples are on two different levels, but it’s the same concept. Also, I’ve said this once and I will say it again. I donated because I like the server. Hell, I still like it. Just not you. Are you going to ban Sam6420 because he doesn’t like you on a personal level as well? Because that’s pretty much what it is right now.

“I don’t like you so I’m going to keep you banned even though a lot of people supported your unban.”

Holy shit, keep the drama to PMs guys, dont bring it into this thread.

I’m starting to think Monkeys is just hopeless. He constantly thinks he’s right, he’s as arrogant as they come, and just takes shit for granted.

AKA: Every other kid who owns a server.

Monkeys isn’t a kid. He’s arrogant, yes. Being tired isn’t an excuse and stop bringing up the fact that you donated, everybody and their mom donated to his servers. Exploits get you banned, even when tired you should know this.

No actually, I haven’t. If being half-asleep makes you lose your sense of judgement you should most definitely seek help about that buddy.

Sure, but “fuck-ups” implies unintentional accidents in which case I’m perfectly tolerant and forgiving if it can be proven to have been an accident. You on the other hand willingly tried cheating on the servers. It’s not like your hands accidentally slipped and you tried using “aimbot” with pixelrender. Nope, you did it intentionally. Half-asleep or not half-asleep is no excuse at all.


So you’re telling me instead of banning cheaters/exploiters/hackers I should ask them to uninstall their hacks and pretty-please stop exploiting/hacking? Hahaha okay kid

P.S: I actually sort of do. I know a lot of my regulars have Seth Hacks. I haven’t banned a single one of them so long as they don’t use it on the servers. Hell, I’ve had a chat with Seth himself and we’ve come to an understanding that I have nothing against hacks, I just don’t want them on my server because it makes things unfair and ruins the LP$ economy.


Gee whizz on a popsicle kid, you sure contradict yourself a lot!

What will I ever do now. ;_;

Actually Sam’s already banned from the forums for breaking the forum rules a bunch of times, doesn’t mean he’s banned from the game though, because he never (got caught) breaking the rules there. Your argument is moot and once again you’re trying to

You overestimate how much I care about you far too much. Yeah I may be a little arrogant, here’s adding some oil to the fire; I really don’t care about you enough to like/not like you. In my book, you were a person that played on the servers nice until one day you decided to exploit and try to aimbot on our servers even though our coder told you it would get you banned. You did it anyways, you got banned and now you’re acting like a little child who can’t take responsibility for his actions. Do I like you? Nope. Do I dislike you? Nope. I really don’t care, the only reason I “remember” you is because I click my Facepunch username and “See last posts” every night just to see if there’s a thread I posted in if I forgot replies of. Sure, it sounds arrogant, but it’s true.

As for “a lot of people supported your unban” jeez I couldn’t give two shits. The rules are clear as day, black on white; if you cheat/try to cheat/try to exploit/hack you will be permanently banned, period. You could get the pope to support your unban and I’d still send him off his way.

Long story short, you tried cheating, you admit to it too, you got banned for it and now you’re angry for getting banned even though you knew it would get you banned. Honestly it’s just stupidity at that point. “No Bobby, don’t put your dick over that candle, you’ll burn it!” You’re Bobby who put his dick over a candle.

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This is pretty much the TL;DR of this whole thing. (P.S: He donated five bucks)

So many things are wrong with this. Number one, I never actually “hacked” on the server. I had typed in the command and was banned automatically. Seth Hack is really no different from the reason I was banned. Sure, I knew the exploit, but I could never use it successfully.

“Okay, I won’t ban you as long as you don’t use hacks on my server.” - With this logic, I never used hacks in the first place. I attempted to with bad judgement.

The way you say “I don’t give a shit who supported your unban” is exactly why I make these “personal attacks”. You don’t listen to anyone else. You think your judgement is always the right one and this is why you are more than “a little arrogant”.

You should really think about what I actually did for the server instead of thinking about this tiny little console command that I used.