Help with my Mini-games gamemode

Before i even say “hi” i just want to say, if i have done anything wrong, like post in the wrong section, let me know right away and i will delete this thread as soon as possible, thanks! :slight_smile:


So i have a minigames server that is in very early development, i hardly know much about lua, but i had a good idea on how to “make” the minigames gamemode.
All i did was get the deathrun gamemode, edit some lua coding to make it compatible with minigame maps, but there is a big problem however…

If there was a minigame where you needed to pick up a weapon in order to continue the map, only 1 person out of the whole server can pick up that gun,
I do not know how to make it so guns can just sit there permanently so it can be picked up unlimited amount of times.

Another problem is that if the map is a “course”, then all the players have to go to one team however,
i don’t know how to code it so all the players go to one team.

I will reward you with access to Dev or VIP on my server depending if you want to keep working with us or not, that is completely up to you,
you can choose to have any of them, Dev or VIP, or if your really not that bothered at all, nothing! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you a-lot for reading my post,

-Sam :slight_smile: