help with my plane

hi everybody i made an awesome plane in gmod and i tried using fin2 tool to make it fly, it fly’s now but the handling is terrible, if anyone could help me with that, that would be so great… here is a picture of the plane:

the body can be downloaded here:

It looks great. It takes more than looks to make a plane that handles well though. Wing placement and weight is a huge factor for aircraft. If the wings are too far forward/back/above/below the center of mass, it will be unstable and the thing will handle like crap. You can try altering the ratio of lift between the tail and wings to balance things out.

It might be that the plane you built simply can’t be made to fly well with the fin tool.

There’s always hoverballs… :downs:

thats the thing, i realy hate hoverballs… if you lift with the psysgun they mess everything up, and hoverballs only go up so they cant make a plane fly realistic. but thanks for the reply… on most forums nobody answers my questions -.-

Yeah… I’m kinda the same way with the cheaterballs (hence the dumb smiley).

So what specifically is it doing when you try to fly it? Nosing down hard on takeoff?
If so, you can try un-roping the upper wing and moving it forward of the center of mass. Then, once you get it nosing up a little, you can add lift to the tail. More efficiency on the tail will give you negative trim. Less efficiency on the tail will give you positive trim. Fiddle with tail lift efficiency to trim it out until it flies nice at cruising speed.

You can also try setting the efficiency really low on the lower wings and just have the airframe hanging from the upper wing. It should add some stability that way but might make it a little stiff to fly. Most real biplanes generate the majority of their lift from the upper surface for stability sake anyway (like that Bird CK above).

Propeller tool might be more useful for the engine than fin tool.

OP, look up Sparrow’s Fin Tutorials. Helps a lot.

what does the propeler tool do exactly?

Wow, that is a piece of art, Bravo man Bravo.

Where the fin tool generates upward force from horizontal movement, the propeller tool creates forward force from angular movement. In other words, it would let you use the propeller on the front of the plane’s spinning to move the plane forward.

nice, and thanks for the compliment Del62. :wink:


oh and for the wings… the nose falls down if i let it fall from the air but i have the tailwing so that if the plane speeds up the tail raises witch looks verry cool xD.


but can anyone of you download the body and modifi it so it can fly? plzzz… i tried a hundred times and i cant stand the thing anymore.

i dont care what u do with it…(replacing the wings and stuff) i realy dont care i just want to see it fly xD

How dare you mention hoverballs on a plane?
You disgust me.

Stop being an ass, he just needs help with his plane.

Add propeller_models(SVN) to the list for requirements for your download.

Considering that the plane in question isn’t terrible, I’m fairly sure he wasn’t just being a dick.

Get the fuck out of here you fucking idiot.

You should try fin, it’s piss easy and it works fairly good. You should also mention that you’d need the custom content if you were to download the plane.

It looks you copied Karbine’s racing biplane to the very smallest detail and made the wings ugly. Build a more creative design if you want good reviews, etc. Like Hardcock and the others said, Fin tool is the way to go.

about Karbine’s racing biplane, i downloaded that and he inspired me of making my own plane… so thats why it looks like it

and be gentle with saing its not creative enough its my first real plane and upload so i’m new with all that.


and i use fin tool but cant get it right… and im sick of it now

so could anyone do it for me?


Cuz i tried like a 100 different ways with fintool: more weigt, less weight, upper wing forward, tilting the angle of the wing, and go on

you could always use a gyroball thruster combo

whats a gyro ball?

I think he(?) means gyroscope. I don’t think gyroscopes would work as well as a speedometer with angular velocities checked.