Help with MySQL- Tacoscript

I have recently been trying to move away/escape from DarkRP on my server and bring up a serious HL2 RP on my server, so as I loved the script on TNB I decided to try out Tacoscript. I got the official release from the forums and the only problem I’m really having is with the MySQL. I have never used this and am quite new to coding in general, although I’m getting the hang of .lua quickly. I’ve searched through already made guides and usually at the part when it talks about the MySQL installation it’s a bit too vague for me as a beginner. So I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me with a step by step guide for this. As of now the really only problem I’m having is the character creation screen not popping up when you join, setting flags for people (just stays at citizen), and I’m not really looking for the quiz unless it will somehow breakdown with it. If you want to help me out with the quiz that would be appreciated, but if it’s not crucial I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (and help in advance if you do.)

Please tell me if any additional information would help you. Will be checking thread every little bit.

Moving away from one script to another script does not improve the roleplay at all. Just means you’re moving to a shitty new script (yes, TS is crap).

So, my opinion is if you’re truely trying to learn lua, start with something else, and stick with DarkRP and improve that. It can be done.

I was thinking about just modifying DarkRP enough to be a well scripted serious RP, but honestly I think TS would be less work to mod to the way I want it to, it already contains a lot of the features I would attempt to add in DarkRP(which would be a waste of time not going with TS), and anything else on top of that I would spend near the same time modding it for DarkRP. So really, I think I would be saving time and frustration in the long run, although of course at the begging TS is frustrating. Can anyone bump with a good thread or guide pertaining to my previous post?