Help with MySQL

Im not a SQL Person, i know basics from IT in school, so how could i make it store a users car that they bought from the F4 Menu? Oh and i may need a little help with making a “Spawn” Button, i know derma just dont know how i’d dont know what id make the button do thanks!

You do understand writing isn’t like speaking right?
… “Oh and i may need a little help with” …
Why don’t you just organize what you need, and explain it properly.
What do you mean ‘make it store a users car’, you mean keep it saved that the user owns a car?
and regarding the spawn button, where do you want it, how do you want the menu.

Ok, fine, I want a SQL Table so that, when a player buys a vehicle in the F4 Menu it one; Stores the car and their steamID, maybe when i get the hang of it what color etc. Then i want to know how to make it so, in the F4 Menu, if the player owns said car, it says “spawn” not “buy”.

By the way F4 Menu is not the jobs area, its the menu i’ve started for cars. Thank ye.

btw, is there any reason you need it on MySQL? Do you want it on multiple servers?


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Unless theirs a better way that allows the data to be put across both servers.