Help with NEW Gmod Server!

Hi, I just purchased a Gmod server and need a lot of help. I am trying to get it up and running smoothly. Here are the details.
I want to have just one map. I wanna make it a great Rp server. I got most of the content mods installed, that need to be on most servers. I installed DarkRP but it is not working right since I added Drugz mod. I also installed assmod.
What I am looking for is someone who would like to help me get it up and running smoothly and in return, will give u access to the server and full admin. Only serious, and experienced server operators, please respond. Please PM me with your steam id and I will add you and talk to you. I need this ASAP.

Also I am sorry if this is in the wrong section.

PS: I dont want TONS of things installed, but there are a few different things I cant install and am looking for someone to help me do it.

you have DarkRP 2.4.1, install the 2.3.7 version (with the comment “normal, regular version of darkrp”)

plz go here asap If you are lazy to search for a link for DARKRP