Help with Nextbot?

So, I got bored and decided to mess with nextbot so I got on the gmod wiki guide and just pasted the code to see what turned up but the thing is nothing spawned. Now, I don’t think I can do much if it doesn’t even spawn so I was wondering if anyone knew if I was doing something wrong or missed something. Here is the code:


ENT.Base 			= "base_nextbot"
ENT.Spawnable		= true

function ENT:Initialize()

	self:SetModel( "models/hunter.mdl" )
	self.LoseTargetDist	= 2000	-- How far the enemy has to be before we lose them
	self.SearchRadius 	= 1000	-- How far to search for enemies

-- ENT:Get/SetEnemy()
-- Simple functions used in keeping our enemy saved
function ENT:SetEnemy( ent )
	self.Enemy = ent
function ENT:GetEnemy()
	return self.Enemy

-- ENT:HaveEnemy()
-- Returns true if ( we have a enemy
function ENT:HaveEnemy()
	-- If our current enemy is valid
	if ( self:GetEnemy() and IsValid( self:GetEnemy() ) ) then
		-- If the enemy is too far
		if ( self:GetRangeTo( self:GetEnemy():GetPos() ) > self.LoseTargetDist ) then
			-- If the enemy is lost ) then call FindEnemy() to look for a new one
			-- FindEnemy() will return true if ( an enemy is found, making this function return true
			return self:FindEnemy()
		-- If the enemy is dead( we have to check if ( its a player before we use Alive() )
		elseif ( self:GetEnemy():IsPlayer() and !self:GetEnemy():Alive() ) then
			return self:FindEnemy()		-- Return false if ( the search finds nothing
		-- The enemy is neither too far nor too dead so we can return true
		return true
		-- The enemy isn't valid so lets look for a new one
		return self:FindEnemy()

-- ENT:FindEnemy()
-- Returns true and sets our enemy if ( we find one
function ENT:FindEnemy()
	-- Search around us for entities
	-- This can be done any way you want eg. ents.FindInCone() to replicate eyesight
	local _ents = ents.FindInSphere( self:GetPos(), self.SearchRadius )
	-- Here we loop through every entity the above search finds and see if ( it's the one we want
	for k, v in pairs( _ents ) do
		if ( v:IsPlayer() ) then
			-- We found one so lets set it as our enemy and return true
			self:SetEnemy( v )
			return true
	-- We found nothing so we will set our enemy as nil ( nothing ) and return false
	self:SetEnemy( nil )
	return false

-- ENT:RunBehaviour()
-- This is where the meat of our AI is
function ENT:RunBehaviour()
	-- This function is called when the entity is first spawned. It acts as a giant loop that will run as long as the NPC exists
	while ( true ) do
		-- Lets use the above mentioned functions to see if ( we have/can find a enemy
		if ( self:HaveEnemy() ) then
			-- Now that we have an enemy, the code in this block will run
			self.loco:FaceTowards( self:GetEnemy():GetPos() )	-- Face our enemy
			self:PlaySequenceAndWait( "plant" )		-- Lets make a pose to show we found a enemy
			self:PlaySequenceAndWait( "hunter_angry" )-- Play an animation to show the enemy we are angry
			self:PlaySequenceAndWait( "unplant" )	-- Get out of the pose
			self:StartActivity( ACT_RUN )			-- Set the animation
			self.loco:SetDesiredSpeed( 450 )		-- Set the speed that we will be moving at. Don't worry, the animation will speed up/slow down to match
			self.loco:SetAcceleration( 900 )			-- We are going to run at the enemy quickly, so we want to accelerate really fast
			self:ChaseEnemy() 						-- The new function like MoveToPos.
			self.loco:SetAcceleration( 400 )			-- Set this back to its default since we are done chasing the enemy
			self:PlaySequenceAndWait( "charge_miss_slide" )	-- Lets play a fancy animation when we stop moving
			self:StartActivity( ACT_IDLE )			--We are done so go back to idle
			-- Now once the above function is finished doing what it needs to do, the code will loop back to the start
			-- unless you put stuff after the if ( statement. Then that will be run before it loops
			-- Since we can't find an enemy, lets wander
			-- Its the same code used in Garry's test bot
			self:StartActivity( ACT_WALK )			-- Walk anmimation
			self.loco:SetDesiredSpeed( 200 )		-- Walk speed
			self:MoveToPos( self:GetPos() + Vector( math.Rand( -1, 1 ), math.Rand( -1, 1 ), 0 ) * 400 ) -- Walk to a random place within about 400 units ( yielding )
			self:StartActivity( ACT_IDLE )
		-- At this point in the code the bot has stopped chasing the player or finished walking to a random spot
		-- Using this next function we are going to wait 2 seconds until we go ahead and repeat it 
		coroutine.wait( 2 )


-- ENT:ChaseEnemy()
-- Works similarly to Garry's MoveToPos function
-- except it will constantly follow the
-- position of the enemy until there no longer
-- is one.
function ENT:ChaseEnemy( options )

	local options = options or {}

	local path = Path( "Follow" )
	path:SetMinLookAheadDistance( options.lookahead or 300 )
	path:SetGoalTolerance( options.tolerance or 20 )
	path:Compute( self, self:GetEnemy():GetPos() )		-- Compute the path towards the enemies position

	if ( !path:IsValid() ) then return "failed" end

	while ( path:IsValid() and self:HaveEnemy() ) do
		if ( path:GetAge() > 0.1 ) then					-- Since we are following the player we have to constantly remake the path
			path:Compute( self, self:GetEnemy():GetPos() )-- Compute the path towards the enemy's position again
		path:Update( self )								-- This function moves the bot along the path
		if ( options.draw ) then path:Draw() end
		-- If we're stuck, ) then call the HandleStuck function and abandon
		if ( self.loco:IsStuck() ) then
			return "stuck"



	return "ok"


list.Set( "NPC", "simple_nextbot", {
	Name = "Simple bot", 
	Class = "simple_nextbot", 
	Category = "NextBot"
} )

  • Thanks!
  1. Make sure your files are at the right place
  2. Make sure to do a mapchange / lua_reloadents
  3. Make sure the files are included properly (print(“a”) for example) --Here. Made that in like 5 minutes.

Just place it into addons.
Spawn it by going into entities > Extra’s NextBot
Use this as a base for anything your doing. You’re welcome :smiley:

when you say this, can you elaborate a bit?

Does a blank icon named “simple bot” show up in the “Nextbots” section of the NPC list?

If there is an Icon, did you click on it, and nothing happened?

Did any errors come up in the console when you clicked it?