Help with NPCs Health

Hello, gentleman, ladies or whathever else you are.

I’m new to lua coding and I have a very tiny problem.
My NPCs lua file defines that my NPC’s health is 100, but they die with 1 shot.

Here’s the code:

local Category = “Elite”

local NPC = { Name = “Valmir”,
Class = “npc_combine”,
Model = “models/Humans/Group01/male_01.mdl”,
Health = “200”,
Weapons = { “weapon_stunstick” },
Category = Category }

list.Set( “NPC”, “npc_valmir”, NPC )

Hope someone can help!

Just use NPC Tools.
Also if you have Ignore Players enabled and you deal headshot NPC will die instantly.

But I don’t want to, I want people that download the NPC to experience at the highest level, without requiring other addons.

try setting the class to “npc_combine_s”