help with obj files

can someone help me with some obj files? i have the files but i want someone to make a ragdoll out of it :slight_smile:

  • i cant open them in a 3d model viewer for some reason.

please people, i really need this one.

still waiting for an answere… (and i know i am not allowed to comment twise on my own thread or something lame like that)

Do you get an error when trying to open the file? If so, please post the error so we can see what might be causing it.

no, it does not even show up, on my other post that you commented in is the download for the files, try to open them and you’ll see

could you help me?

a .obj should come with a .mtl file in order to import properly, without it, you’re screwed, or at least blender needs them

That’s where something like Milkshape 3D comes in handy. Not really a program I’d advise for anyone to use unless they are making simple props, but it can import .OBJ files without the .MTL files.

nope, cant open with Milkshape 3D either

Are you meaning it stops the program or it won’t show up? Could you send a download to this model, some models are scaled SUPER small, and they won’t show up. I could open it with metasequoia and test that theory.

okey here is the download for the files

Okay let me look into it.

Well here’s your problem: the model’s don’t exist. There’s nothing there, no faces, or vertices, or edges, nothing.

what?!.. doh!!!

May I ask what was supposed to be in there anyway?

a guy said that the files would contain a dragon model, that looks like a dragon from the reign of fire movie, ive been trying to make one, get one and asking people to make one but i have had no success :frowning:

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could some one make that kind of a dragon for me?