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Hi people, I’m new to the forums so; Hi

I’ve wanted to play online for ages, And I started off trying on my parents computer, It was a decent Vista one. But it crashed when I tried to load a server. I’ve got a laptop now, 4gb Ram, On Windows 7, a turion Dual Processor, something similar to that. Anyways, on my computer when I try and go online, it doesn’t load the list, I have decent Internet Connection, But it just doesn’t load the servers. I’ve triedmaking my own server, But I feel that hasn’t made it to the server list, Like I’m Barred from accessing steam online; Which I’m not.

Could anyone help?

Thanks, Snake

Firewall by default blocks Gmod.

Go into control panel and add an exception for C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod/hl2.exe/

Thanks =D

Give me one sec, I’ll do it.


I’ve done that, But it won’t show the server list, it just says Refreshing server list, but does nothing

It’s still not workind D=

wait a few mins the servers will appear

im having the same problem i can play online on counter strike but not gmod


i dont get it y wont the servers appear

Hey, can you see any server? If not, try pressing refresh all on the internet section of the servers. Servers should load up. Don’t go to any other tab; just wait till you have enough servers on the list, then choose one. If it doesn’t work, then I don’t know why. Check your anti-virus or firewall software, and make an exception on the gmod executable.

ok ill try now


how long should i wait? or what exception should i make

Well, if no servers appear, then something is wrong on either your computer, or on your network.
You should wait until at least 50 servers appear.
You must make this exception on the firewall (windows firewall):
C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/garrysmod/garrysmod/hl2.exe

i did tht its still not working servers just wont appear

Download the masterservers file.
Place it in your \Steam\config\ folder


:downs: your both idiots. this isn’t a firewall/ports problem, It’s something valve screwed up in.

jees srry im not as smart as u

I wasen’t talking about you :v:

o well when i click on the file it just comes up with a bunch of text theres no download

use Save as. then Place it in your \Steam\config\ folder

OMG TY timothy80!!! it worked!! :D! W00T, now I dont have to play singleplayer all day! xD
Im gonna link this thread to other ppl who have the same problem :smiley: