Help with Paintshop Pro

I honestly wasn’t sure where to put this, but it is about screenshots.

Does anyone else here use Paintshop Pro? I don’t have GIMP of Photoshop. If so, some help with editing Gmod screenshots in Paintshop Pro would be greatly appreciated.


It’s free.

Get Photoshop.

It’s free for 30 days.

Yeah, seriously just get GIMP.

Or use MSPAINT! It comes with windows and you dont have to download anything! :downs:

or just use garrysmod

Actually Bodenlan is right. The best thing for a new user to do is use in-game effects and post-processing. Don’t ruin any chance you have at a good picture by fucking the editing up. Too many people now-a-days think you have to edit a picture for it to be good. Well just look at Kari.

Or Zilo.

Well, his pictures aren’t good, with or without editing.

Also, first year of Photoshop/Gimp = Filters and filters.

Sorry but this is my first year of GIMP.


And I’m just about hitting my one year Anniversary. :razz:

That is just mean:)

I started using GIMP 2 months ago and I’m already an mid/average editor!
(Inb4 the wave of disagrees lol)

I started using GIMP 5 days ago :smug:
i don’t know what level i would call myself

Thanks for the help. I’ll get GIMP, then. I’ve worked alot with posing before, but I’ve never posted anything because, well, the obvious lack of editing.

Well, I did post a couple things, but they were pretty shitty.

You don’t need to edit to make your posing look good you know.

Make use of the shit that has been released for ingame like the Special Effects pack on

Agree’d :3: