Help with parenting attachments

I’m trying to get an object to parent to the eyes of “!player” do you know if thats possible? I have tried using “vehicle_driver_eyes” “player_eyes” and just “eyes”.

I’ll show you a picture so you know what I am talking about.

The trigger_multiple is parented to the func_rotating
The Trigger_Hurt is parented to the Func_rotating
The func_rotating is parented to the func_button

Once the parenting trigger is triggered it fires an output to a Func_button telling it to parent to the !activator then fires another output telling it what attachment but I always get an error in the console saying no such attachment. Also the parenting trigger tells game_ui to activate which makes clicking rotate the pick axe and trigger hurt to activate for a second.

Do you know of any other way to do this? And no I’m not going to make a weapon I want this to be map based.

You don’t need to fire an output to a func_button, you can just fire it directly do a the entity or another trigger.

yeah I just chose a random entity that I could assign a name and parent guess I oculd have chosen Func_brush. Is there any way to make a weapon like this? Closest I’ve gotten is having the player walk through some kind of small doorway and have them face directly forward then it parents to them and looks OK but its kind of a shitty way to do that. Could anyone help me out?