Help with parenting

Yeah, I’m still kind of a noob, but I just don’t know what “parenting” is. I saw some option in Easy Precision 0.95 that said something about parenting, if it’s relevant. So I guess my question is, what is parenting and how do I use it?

Imagine welding, but in the engine itself. If I have a ball parented to a door, every time I open the door, the ball will follow. Try this in console (I don’t know if ent_fire works in gmod, but try)

(look at a prop)
ent_fire !picker setname cocks
(look at another prop)
ent_fire !picker setparent cocks

Does this make it like an invincible weld or something? And does the easy precision parenting thing do this?

Make your contraption first.
Dupe it without constraints(and frozen)
No Collide Multi everything(assep for wire shit.)
Go into easy precision
Go to weld
Uncheck everything assep for no collide,disable prop shadow,and weld
Weld everything to a base prop.(this include all wire objects[thrusters,chips,hoverballs,turrets]

However, that isn’t parenting if I’m interpreting YoMother right.