Help with perp ATM (Bank)

People can deposit money but can’t withdraw money.

function NPC.Withdraw_Final ( ammount )
	if (ammount <= 0) then
		GAMEMODE.DialogPanel:SetDialog("A withdraw must be a positive integer.

What would you like to do?");
	elseif (LocalPlayer():GetBank() >= ammount) then
		if (LocalPlayer():GetCash() + ammount > MAX_CASH) then
			GAMEMODE.DialogPanel:SetDialog("You can only hold a maximum of " .. DollarSign() .. MAX_CASH .. ".

What would you like to do?");
			RunConsoleCommand("perp_b_w", ammount);
			GAMEMODE.DialogPanel:SetDialog("Withdrew " .. DollarSign() .. ammount .. ".

What would you like to do?");   ***<<<<<<THE CODE CAN RUN HERE WITHOUT TAKING MONEY OUT ***
		GAMEMODE.DialogPanel:SetDialog("You do not have enough money in your bank account to withdraw " .. DollarSign() .. ammount .. ".

What would you like to do?");

Any Errors ?

Possibly because it’s a stolen version?

Just thinking

Yeah, Drama Unlimited usually does that sort of thing.

There are many people who are out there just for the money and scam you with perps. Most likely though, Drama-Unlimited does this. I would suggest hiring a coder to do this for you if you cant, because this is a common bug and there are more in drama-perps. Trust me, I would hire a coder.

Thank you detective.

I think, this is the money limit (50000$)