Help with perp2

Hello, please help me with this one, I have the Perp2 Gamemode (with the necessary tables to play it) and a database, the database is already with the tables of perp2, But How i Link the Perp Tables to the Perp Server?

Obs.: Im using PhPMyAdmin and MysqlFront.


Hey bro so you need to go to perp2.0/gamemode/sv_hooks.lua open that up and goto line i think 39 you will see something that looks like this tmysql.initialize(“IP”, “username”, “password”, “and the table”, 3306, 2, 2) so you just fill that in and you should be good to go.

make sure you have the right .dlls files installed btw you will need libmysql.dll and gm_tmysql.dll i think thoughs are correct.