Help with Physboxes and Toruses

Alright, before I get into this I want to ask that you don’t flame me for not posting about these in the question thread. I did, and either the posts were ignored or no one could help. Going from past experiences, I’ve had much more success with getting replies from making threads, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

My first problem is that I’ve got spawnable physboxes and are able to move them around, rotate and freeze them with the physgun but I can’t use any tools on them. I’ve got smartsnap and when I aim at the physbox the grid appears, but clicking with any tool does nothing at all. I’ve tried adding the key “gmod_allowtools” with the value “*” but that hasn’t made any difference.

Second problem is, I need a little help with toruses. Not the primitive, I tried that and it made vbsp shit itself. The method I’ve tried a couple of times already is creating a series of arches to find where each of the points of the individual cylinders should meet on the grid. Even when I set it up as such and have the brushes vertex merged to to 5 faces so that the cylinders are made of triangular brushes meeting the central point, similar to an arch with wall radius maxed, whenever I compile the vertexes are distorted in position slightly, so the edges look jagged. This effect gets progressively worse the further away from axis-alignment of the brushes the curve is. Sorry if my explanation is hard to understand.

Stuff like that you need to make models for.

Physboxes, I have no idea whats wrong.

I’m not able to help you with the first problem with the physboxes, but I’ll comment on your torus issue:

If a brush’s vertices appear normal in the Hammer views, but are completey out of whack after you compile, it means that one or more surfaces of the brush is slightly concave. You may not even be able to see it, but it is. I would make a torus “the right way” for you in Hammer but I’m on another computer right now.

And yes, Firegod is right in that your torus should be a model, but I know that if you could make models you wouldn’t be asking this question now would you? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Brerben, I’m really glad you’re understanding that I’m no modeller, you’re right that I would be making the toruses models if I could or actually wanted to.

The thing you described about vertices being in the wrong place after compile is exactly what I’m getting, as well as the same problem when I next loaded the .vmf. I don’t see why the brushes should be wrong though. Each cylindrical segment is seperated into 8 brushes that appear triangular from either end. I thought triangulating brushes was to avoid exactly this kind of problem? all the verts were on the grid (though with the grid size 1).

You could use propper and turn snap to grid off. Then when its a model replace the brushes. You loose your lightmaps though.

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Also what you said about the mapping question thread. There are a lot of posts in it, you can repost stuff if it doesn’t get answered. Generally speaking if I can’t solve your problem then I wont answer it.

Same here. I did see your post, didn’t know the answer, so i left it for the god of fire…who knows all.