Help with Pie!

i download this
i have two folders model and material, where extract this, so i can use the pie model?


If the folder contains an info.txt then paste this folder in your addons folder.

If it doesnt, Copy the mode, and material folder and paste in in garrysmod/garrysmod and select overwrite all

it contains two folders materials (it contains models\pie -> three files pie.vmt,pie.vtf,pie_normal.vtf) and models(pie.dx80.vtx,pie.dx90.vtx,pie.mdl,pie.phy,pie.sw.vtx,pie.vvd).

where i should do extract? please help.

Get the models\pie folder and place “Pie” in your Gmod models folder.

Do same with materials./textures.

i’ve done, thanks mates!