Help with PMD files (not the Resident Evil 4 pmds)

Hey, I have these PMD files from the program Miku Miku Dance, and I would like to get these PMD files converted to OBJ file so I can rig it, but I cannot rip from that program with 3d Ripper DX and I even tried using the PMD model viewer and it wouldn’t load the certain pmd file, it would be helpful if someone gave me information on how I can make this PMD file a OBJ file.

Ok I managed to find a model editor, but it doesnt export into different files like obj, or 3ds, but I save the PMD file and add the .obj file, it saves as a obj file, but when I import it to 3ds max, it doesn’t show the model.

If it can’t export, you can’t get it in max.
Adding .obj to the end is the dumbest thing possible.

So basically your telling me to give up?