Help with Pointshop 2

Hi all, I am having a problem with Pointshop 2 (

I am superadmin, but I can’t access the ‘Management Tab’ when I press F3, so its basically pointless to use

Anyone know anything about Pointshop 2 that could help me



For anyone who stumbles across this in the future, It was a case of going into the user group permissions in the ulx menu and adding the pointshop commands to the superadmin group and then restarting the server

If your owner has purchased the script I am sure he can send a ticket off to Kamshak (creator of the script) asking for advice. I think he know best :slight_smile:

With Pointshop 2 make sure you have the following installed

-Pointshop 2 itself (of course)

If you don’t have all three installed Pointshop 2 will not function correctly. If you are certain you the latest version of all three installed
check the permissions for the superadmin. If non of that works then I would recommend filling a support ticket to Kamshak via Scriptfodder.

Thanks for the reply man, are you referring to the pointshop 2 permissions?

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Ok thanks mate