Help with pointshop

Alot of questions to ask.

  1. I got buying t and d rounds to work but the d buy icon has a t on it is there anyway I can change it to the d to make it easier for players to tell which is which?

  2. I want to make a new category for the t and d rounds however I cant seem to get it working the category just doesnt show up any help would be appreciated.

  3. In what file would changing up the hud for the shop be under?

Any answers would help I know im asking alot

  1. Change the icon in the code.
  2. Post your __category.lua file.
  3. ~\addons\pointshop\lua\vgui
  1. where would that be?

CATEGORY.Name = ‘Buy a Round’
CATEGORY.Icon = ‘add’

  1. SWEP.Icon
  2. Is it in a new folder and is the file titled __category.lua with two underscores?
  1. thanks
  2. yes, it is

Where is the folder and what’s the name of it?

/addons/pointshop/lua/items/buy a round/__category

Try taking out the spaces in the folder name (the category name is fine).

Thank you so much bro you been a good help. One last thing For example lets say 2 people were in the server they could both buy the T and or D and it would then bug out and end the round as soon as it starts if you could tell me how to fix it id appreciate it so much