Help with porting the Chef Fujimoto model

Hi, I’m in need of a little help with porting Chef Fujimoto from Octodad. I already got him into Blender something appears to be wrong.[/t]

He shows up all blocky looking, maybe this had to do with converting his DirectX model file to an .Obj file I don’t really know as this is my first time porting a model.
That’s not all, when I move some parts of the model those parts disconnect from the model and it looks like he has holes in his body.


Is there a way to fix this as well?
Lastly his model seems tiny compared to the Octodad that was ported to Gmod a while back.


Is there a way to resize him to be the right size?
Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Have you tried setting the lighting to smooth in blender? That makes the model look smoother. Also what tool did you use to convert the file?

I did set the lighting to smooth and it still looked polygonal. I used Milkshape to do the conversion, maybe I should’ve used another program?

I know online mesh converter can convert DirectX .X files. If you export to .dae, you can get bones but they have no rigging attached to them.

I’ll try it, hope he still won’t look polygonal.

Here’s the link if you need it

Well he’s no longer polygonal buy he’s really really tiny.

Yeah, I noticed that when working with that tool. You can scale him up by pressing S. I also recommend going into edit mode and removing any doubles.

Everything seems fine except for stuff like this:[/t]

hopefully that won’t be a problem when face posing or will it?
Also will this be an issue when it’s a ragdoll?


If I were you, I’d try joining the model together. See if that fixes the strange bits.

I’m done with fixing the strange bits, so how does one rig the model to the bones or make the bones source compatible?

After following a tutorial on adding bones I was told to select the mesh and the armatures and then I was told to press Ctrl+P and select “With Automatic Weights.” Then this happened:

Is there a way to fix this or is there another way to rig the bones with the mesh?

That’s really strange… That gives proper bones but it doesn’t give the original rigging. You can rig it if you want, maybe even better than normal, but it might be different than it is in game. Also, i may have forgot to tell you this but the meshconvert tool sometimes creates strange “untitled” bones that aren’t connected to the main skeleton. Delete them.

Well I already fixed those issues and I’m pretty much done with the rigging.

The next thing I need to do would be a collision mesh, right?

First off, the rigging is quite fine on that model. Secondly, wasn’t there face posing on the model before you put in a skeleton? Thirdly, I have no experience with source and model porting. I mostly know about rigging and working with blender so I’m essentially out of information. Good job at least.

No face posing what so ever. So I take it I have to go to the model porting thread for the collision mesh stuff and source porting.