Help With Posing

I need some help with posing, but my main problem is finding good maps for posing. Anybody know some good maps and posing tutorials? A lot of maps to choose from.

For posing, look at this and related videos

Can’t find any maps that are just plain good for posing, like I cant find a war zone map.


I found a few maps, like parkhouse.

Really we can’t give you sources to pose like a master.

You’ll have to do what all of us did.

Pick up that physgun and shoot it!

I know alot about posing and thanks to redpills, I now know how to pose properly, but I can’t find good posing maps for like battle grounds and stuff.

just keep practicing, and post if you can to get some tips and stuff on how to improve your stuff
you’ll eventually get better

Ok, after this post, please let this die out. Thanks for the maps, and I’ve gotten a bit better. I’ll get to work, and goodbye thread.