Help with printing a chat message when a SWEP is used

Basically what the title says. I want the chat to print a message only for the user upon attack and to tell when the ability is toggled. It’s better described through the code itself:

function SWEP:PrimaryAttack() 
self.Owner:EmitSound( "player/suit_sprint.wav" )
	if FallMode == 0 then
		FallMode = 1
		LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("Anti-Fall Damage enabled.")
		self.Owner.ShouldReduceFallDamage = true
		elseif FallMode == 1 then
		FallMode = 0
		LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("Anti-Fall Damage disabled.")
		self.Owner.ShouldReduceFallDamage = false

This error prints in console upon usage, though the chat message does print:

[ERROR] addons/nutscript 1.1/lua/weapons/nut_aug_fall.lua:88: attempt to call global 'LocalPlayer' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - addons/nutscript 1.1/lua/weapons/nut_aug_fall.lua:88

I’ve learned that this is because I’m using it on a server, which is a problem because I’m making this SWEP for my RP server. Any alternative functions that I can use?


self.Owner:ChatPrint("Anti-Fall Damage disabled.")


“LocalPlayer() will return NULL until all entities have been initialized”

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