Help With Programming

Yes yes, I know, no asking for hiring, and this isn’t, I just need a push in the right direction. I want to code an iphone app using iphone wax so I can use Lua that will let me control any source server, particularly Gmod first, as well as use ULX in it. I was thinking about mimicking how a player joins, so that I would have access to console through rcon, but how would I accomplish this without taking up a player slot, as all this will do is rcon and a gui ulx. Any help is appreciated.

I hope you know how to code for iPhone, noone here will teach you or code it for you. As for RCON, see this page: ( You could have googled it on your own. )

I did google, but I was searching for different things, I didn’t know that RCON protocols had it own page. But I want to know how would I use that info on that page? I want to accomplish at the very least be able to see what a player sees in console when they press Tilda, and Volvo that that to seeing the entire console and all it’s outputs, as well as use ulx with its GUI

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Volvo = evolve. Damn autocorrect

I have done something like this.
On my Droid Phone, I downloaded an app called ConnectBot. If you have a dedicated server and know the credentials (username and password). You can remotely connect to it and access the server console.

I just looked it up, it looks cool, but it’s only an SSH client, and isn’t as server oriented as what I want to do. ConnectBot seems to be made with the intent of file transfers, with the nice benefit of using console on dedis, but I want to create an app that will show the entire console output as if I was on the dedi machine, and also have a graphical menu for ULX so I can do anything I can as superadmin, but on my phone when I’m not near a computer.

That, my friend, I cannot help with as I have no experience in app developement or GUIs :confused:

:p. well with the rcon packet protocols I could go to stack overflow and see what they say. Thanks for the help though!