Help with prop hunt - 3 problems!

Right I have a few problems with my server that has prop hunt running on it wandering if anyone can help

  1. I’ve only played it on 2 maps these being cs_assault and cs_italy, firstly on cs_assault the boxes that are inside the building where the prop spawns, you are able to walk into them and stuff, and on cs_italy you can walk through the wooden barrels.

  2. Secondly (this happens on both maps the same) as hunters if someone shoots a prop it comes up with this error :1: attempt to call method ‘AddNotify’ (a nil value) and as a prop when you become one you get the same error.

  3. Lastly on the cs_italy map as a prop when you go through the houses with the wooden floor the prop sort of warps forward and stuff its weird.

Any help with any of these issues will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

The addnotify is the little popup that looks like this

It seems that it isn’t recognizing AddNotify. If you want to easily stop the error, just look in the gamemode code for where AddNotify is and delete it, but it would seem that something else is conflicting with it

Thanks for the help, but I can’t find the “AddNotify” anywhere lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you give me link to where you downloaded prop hunt from?