help with punching ragdolls

Hello. I was wondering if there was any way to make ragdolls punch. I have an unmodded (except for wiremod) gmod and the game is only hl2. I made something like GTA and is also third person. but I want to learn how to make ragdolls punch. not that stupid gmod idiot box flailing. I tried using the muscle tool and I found out it was the thing I was looking for. but is there any tips from anyone who made something like this? my work is kinda rough now and the only thing I could do is shoot and run because punching is hard. I tried to use a crowbar for it to use but the crowbar’s heavy, so I decided to use punches only. but I can’t make it like that. btw what I’m making is all ragdoll. not using ragmod, ragmorph or whatsoever.

PS: Im new to gmod so, sorry for not being smart.
PPS: sorry for any typos, grammar issues and such. Im not english.

I suggest you get the hat tool and learn how to use it:

With this tool you can animate the rag-doll’s whole body so you can make it look like it’s actually punching like a real person.

Find a form of punching you like and try to resemble the animation to that.

(Oh I kinda misread your post, so I don’t know if this will be any use to you) sorry…

ok, thanks. I saw it on youtube ust right now and it’s kinda neat :slight_smile: but how do I download using SVN?

I don’t know how to do it using svn but I know how to install it manually on both mac and windows.
It’s fairly simple, would you like me to show you?

ohh… wait wait wait… does this thing works if my ragdoll is moving? cause Im making some kind of GTA-like game play here and I want to apply punching to my ragdoll. but what I’ve seen on the video, it’s just a freezed person and animated. can it work on moving ragdolls? I am in full control of where my ragdoll goes and it is to be controlled using wasd keys(I will try to make it wasd cause of now, it’s just numpad keys… yet.) and I want it to punch while running.

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by the way, this goes to addons folder too, right?