Help with recording in source recorder

Hey everyone, I’m having a small problem with Source Recorder. I’m trying to make a machinima, and I want source recorder to record through the camera tool. If I spawn a camera and record a demo through it, it just records what I see from my own person’s view. If there any way I can make it so I can record demo’s through the camera tool?

Thanks =)

did you try switching to the camera after you start recording?

(I forget if that works or not)

Unfortunately no, however if you know your way around the source recording system and its capabilities, you can change the camera view of any point in your movie via the source recorder editor and some basic console commands. Just google search source recorder tutorial, there is one here on facepunch that has everything you need to know.


how do you use the Source Recorder editor?

also, do you know if there is a way to make the little menu for the (advanced) wire tool to show up in recordings? (the menu that lists the in/outputs)