Help with rigging for GMOD?

Now I am a total rookie in rigging for gmod, I have rigged models a ton of times but when using all the tutorials I can find there ether outdated or not for gmod, I want to rig a ragdoll pack with moving eyes and for it to be able to use face pose

I have all the models and have rigged some with only bones and I weighted the mesh, The models look nice when rigged but I heard that for face pose you dont use bones, Also I have no idea on how to rig the eyes and these eyes can be large (Crash Bandicoot for exmple) Now I once rigged for gmod 10 but I totaly forgot how and I know its been upgraded since then

Also if I export an animation using the morpher modifier for 3ds max can I export it as a animated prop (A Wumpa Fruit and probably a Power Crystal)

Any help will be appreciated

Programs I like to use
3ds Max
Cinema 4D (most of the bones and weight meshes done here) (Texture Fixing)

Programs I have but dont like to use

Also For most of the rigging I have to split the model for the textures (Multiple textures for a singular object) If I use some sort of Plugin or converter will the object stay as one object and not split apart?

Correct, Source uses flexes, not bones.

The eye only needs to be the white part, as the pupils are done through the .VMT files. If you want the eyes to deform, you’re going to have to work some voodoo flex magic to get it to not look like chunky ass with the eye shaders.

The process is the exact same as it was several years ago.

Source only supports .SMD and .DMX animations, and GMod only supports .SMD animations as far as I am aware.

You do not have to split the model for each texture. You can have an unlimited number of textures applied to different polys on the model in 3DS Max, but you can only use 28-30 on the actual compiled model (the limit is 32, but there are several internal engine textures it applies that take up several slots).

I’d suggest looking at the Valve Developer Wiki and acquaint yourself with basic .QC & engine functionality as that will give you access to all the documented features.

Ok I got it but I have one question, Which form of Face Posing does Gmod Support? Vta or Dmx (I hope its DMX, its easier)