Help With Rigging

I have put all the bones in place, but my brain just remembered that, the model is an obj file. What do i do, this is my first attempt at rigging, i have the textures also, i assume i have to make them into VTFs. Please help, thanks! This is for garrys mod i will add.

I see you was following a tutorial on youtube from what I assume cause you are using the starwolf skeleton. I have seen that tutorial before and I can say that it didn’t help me and didn’t make me understand rigging not a little bit, It’s very confusing when you get started on blender and attempt to rig a model.
If you want to see a tutorial that I found very helpful to start out and make playermodels then I advise this tutorial made by Buu342 :
Just watch what he does and follow it, He explains it well throughout the tutorial.
Good luck.

At two minutes, nine seconds, i cant rotate that bone like he does? I can move it, but not rotate it. I’m familiar with the basics in blender. Thanks!

Select a bone in “Pose Mode” and press R. You can choose any directions by pressing X, Y and Z on your keyboard.

I get an error at the top of my screen when weighting.

What does it say?

Don’t use automatic weights. You’re going to have to manually paint the weights