Help with ripping Gamecube 3D models please!

Hey there everyone, new to the forum as a member, but I need some help! Trying to rip a 3D model from a videogame on my PC but it’s not working. I want to rip the Razor Sword that Link uses in Soul Calibur 2 for the Gamecube. I am using Dolphin, and the game works decently on my PC. I’ve been trying to use the Gamecube ripping guide on this site that has me using 3D Ripper DX, but I’m running into some issues. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate with DirectX 11, and I’m pretty sure the ripper is only compatible with DirectX 9. I choose Dolphin as the parameter program to launch, and it says “Cannot run process”. I’m almost 100% certain it’s because I can’t find a way to downgrade to DirectX 9. Windows 7 comes pre-installed with 11 and I’m not sure I can even downgrade to 9. If anyone has the ability to rip this model I’d be super appreciative, but if there are any alternative programs to help me rip this, please let me know, thank you!


In Dolphin configuration, go to plugins. Possibly you didn’t select direct3d9 there. It is needed for 3d ripper to work.

I didn’t think about selecting that, I had it on OpenGL. I changed it to direct3D9, but it still gives me the same error. I forgot to mention I’m running 64-bit, which is probably the problem… :frowning:

Could be yes, tried out a 32bit version of dolphin yet? I’d actually like to do some tests to see if it works myself, but I have no wii/gc isos right now for various reasons.

I’m getting a lot of run errors on the 32-bit version of Dolphin when I’m trying to install it, like missing VCOMP100.DLL, which is fixed by updating my DirectX, which is already as updated as it could be. Fuuuuuu.