Help with Roleplay gamemode / Perp

Hey Facepunch,

me and my friends are currently studying Creative Computer Games Design at university, and over the past few weeks we have been playing RP servers, specially the Perp or simmular to the perp gamemode such as bizrp.
We’ve played some of the RP servers and some of the admins are realy annoying and bias to who they kick/ban and who can break rules without harm etc, this annoyed us because it pushes all the good RPers away, so we think we can do better, or atleast give it a shot haha.

ANYWAY… we are looking for a summer project to make a hopefully a successful lifeRP server, but we want to learn the script first so we can add new updates and add our own features, we was wondering where we can get a hold of the PERP gamemode, we’re not expecting a free download or anything, just a link to there main website or someone we can get in contact with.

We am also looking for some tutotials if there is any for the perp script if there is any out there, so we can get a grasp of the basics. And as 3D artists, we want to to also incorperate our own 3D work into the own server, which will be intresting.

Thanks, and any kind of help with PERP will be greatly appericated, i just want to get pointed in the right direction.

Thanks, for reading =]

As far as i know facepunch does not support stolen gamemodes

It’s a private gamemode, I’m sure there’s links to stolen versions somewhere but I’m sure they’re removed off FP - might be wrong though.

If you want to make a decent RP start it from scratch yourself and reference from released scripts. Although if you’re new to Lua in GMod I don’t know how far you will get over the summer.

I’m not looking to create a whole new gamemode just add onto 1 i can get to make it my own, but i dont want it to be darkrp that just sucks =]

Good RP requires little gamemode intervention, creating one wouldn’t be that hard and probably most beneficial to you programming wise.

Just keep it simple, just add stuff people can use to RP but make it so it actually requires people to think and RP properly.

Choosing a job from a derma menu and having a whole bunch of rules to abide by isn’t really the best RP.