Help With RP Money

I am trying to make an RP gamemode and map. I’m not very familliar with lua but I know Source SDK in and out. I need help with figuring out how to make a money and sales system. essentially i want to make an object in the map usable by the player that gives money, and other objects that take money in exchange for objects. Plus i would need to turn off the spawn menu and make the player have some kind of inventory. My biggest question would be, how to get the usable object in the map, it must be possible because they have them in PERP, but i dont know if its done in source sdk or with coding alone. Im pretty new to lua coding so any help i can get would be great, thanks.

You’ll need to make a custom fgd.

what is an fgd

You clearly know Hammer in and out.

If you don’t know what that is, you shouldn’t be making a custom map and gamemode until you have actual experience and knowledge.

It holds the entity data…but then you would know that as you know source sdk in and out.

OH!! now i remember what an fgd is, i have used them before, just forgot because i havent used hammer in a while.

You probably shouldn’t try to make a gamemode + map yet, until you’re more experienced.

So you know the ins and outs of hammer, but forgot what an fgd is. I hardly ever use them, and know what they are.

ok i admit i dont know the “ins and outs” of source sdk, i usually use the standard fgd, i hav olny used any other fgd once. as for making regular maps with no custom fgds i am a pro, thats why at the time i said that i know the ins and outs ok? can we just drop that

Professional means you get paid.

Show us your work, if you’re so pro.

Thats not pro. I could do better and i don’t deem myself as pro.

OP, you’re not ready to make a full gamemode.

thats my old stuff, i made that in like mid 2011, i have made more maps that are pretty good that i havent posted on

[H2]The Pro[/H2]

Show us your newer work, then.

why are you all being so critical, obviously im not a pro i was just saying that. i know how to make a descent map with hammer, no im not the best in the world.

That’s useful.

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Oh so now you aren’t a pro…

First you know the ins and outs of hammer, then you don’t, then you were a pro, not you aren’t.

Holy shit we just want to see your work. We’re mappers too, we could help you.

You seem to know the ins and outs of bullshit too.

ok, i only said i know the ins and outs because when i first posted, i was pretty fucking sure i knew how to use hammer, and i wasnt even serious about the pro thing! i will upload my latest map in a minute, its probably not the best you’ve ever seen.