Help With RP?

Hey, i’m making a DARKRP gmod server. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me a couple mods to install. For example, wat admin mod and rp mods. Ty

ULX Admin mod, CSS Realistic Weapons, Unbreakable Tool, and Weight.

Any links? Reason is because I don’t want to DL some old crap.

Don’t use DarkDM.

What’s that?

I’m not providing links for this one, because I am too damn sleepy, but here are some suggestions for a good DRP server in general
No purchasing for admin, BAD. Restrictive TT or Phys. Both is best. Cut down on addon guns. A stable admin mod like ULX or ASS


A name DarkRP has gotten because of way to many out of control servers.

Look for any better RP script

Cakescript is a good option, look it up.

Should I go with a SeriousRP on city18?

I would recommend it, however, with Serious RP make sure to rack in a few friends so you can at least get a small amount of players on a constant basis which will help gain popularity

What are the diffs between Dark and Serious? MAJOR diffs

Well, for one, you can make your character in some scripts. DarkRP, isnt set up with MySQL, unless you do set it up. Way harder to become a CP. People actually join SeriousRP servers.

Can anyone please link me the serious rp mod? Can’t find it.

That’s a great RP map if there is a lot of players, if there’s not a lot, you should maybe do richland.

Sadly, all the good RP gamemodes that are free are broken. There is another option, go to kuro and buy a gamemode for $300.

CakeScript G2 1.0.3 still works, If you need help with it I might be able to help. :ohdear:

oh no, not this shit again.

Would anyone be interested in helping me install the server and have it running? All I need done is the FTP.