Help with running GMod please!

I cannot run GMod 10. I have HalfLife2. I have Gmod 10, payed for through Steam. It won’t run. I’m stuck with the “Preparing to launch GMod 10” screen. It just stays there, and won’t load. Can someone please help me? I really want to use this game! Steam are being extremely unhelpful. I’ve asked there, and after thinking I was getting somewhere, I’m told that they don’t support it and it’s a third-party mod. Despite selling it on the Steam Store. And offering support for it. And helping with the ticket at first.

Please help me, someone. I have many error report files, if you need them. Thank you!

Did you tell them it was version ten, not nine? Did you contact Valve, or just the Steam community? Anything in the event log? How long does it sit there trying to load? Do other games on Steam work?

What is you’re computers specs

That has nothing to do with it, it would at least start… or go to a black screen if it were a shit PC. Did you not read that HL2 runs?

He said he had hl2 not that it runs, and yes gmod is source 2007 not regular, it actually requires more so a shit pc might be it.

I told them Version 10. I contacted Steam. What’s an event log? :stuck_out_tongue: It sits there loading indefinitely until I click the X. All other games on Steam work. Hl2 works fine, although when rotating the camera there’s about a 1-frame delay. It’s not a shit pc :wink: Inspiron 1525 Dell, Vista, 2Gb RAM. It’s got graphics card and other stupid card names that work with HL2, so surely they should work with GMod?