Help with Rust not running smoothly.

Hey guys,

I just have a quick question, I bought Rust wanting to play it and I downloaded it on Steam ect. However I got to the main screen where you click ‘Play’ and that screens runs fine 40 fps at least or more, but when I actually went into a server and started playing the Frame Lag was unbearable like 5 FPS does anyone know how I can fix this or if my laptop just simply can’t run it?

Specs -
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
8GB Memory
Sorry and I have a GT 555m with 3GB Graphics

not sure if you need any other information but if you need it i’m happy to give it to you.

Thanks if you can help,

You left out most important info - what is you graphics card. To play 3D games reasonably, a good graphics card is a must.


Did you check multiple servers? If not, do that and see if it’s the same.

Turn grass off in game : Open the console with F1 then type “grass.on false” without the quotes.

Also ensure the laptop is using your dedicated graphics card for Rust:

In the NVIDIA Control Panel, under the 3D Setting > Manage 3D Setting

On the right side of the screen

Select the Global Setting tab
under “Prefer graphic processor” Select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor”

Now click on the Program setting tab

click on “Add” and navigate to wherever directory your game is installed and select the exe file for your game.

Then click on “Open” and after you done the adding, under the 2. Select prefer graphic processor for this program select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” then click “Apply”

Thanks heaps!!! Worked a charm!

Good to hear :slight_smile:

I made a thread for other users to see. Hopefully it will help more people out :slight_smile:

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Have you tried running Rust Booster? Search the forum for it. It could do you wonders.:slight_smile: